Kitchen Hacking in Hackerspace 2011

In Food Hacking on February 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm

On February 13 we had our first kitchen hack meeting in Hackerspace and tested a 2D EGG PRINTER…


Defined by hacked kitchen gadgets various dieting “tribes” are already a reality: paleodiet believers can be identified with DIY sous vide appliances, locavores with foraging practices and interfaces monitoring food authenticity, molecular gastronomes with liquid nitrogen DIY protocols, nutrigenomics enthusiasts with interfaces for crowdsourcing biodata, and functional food minimalist with voluntary starvation because they refuse to feed the selfish DNA.

Denisa, Meng and Zhiquan were brainstorming over some blenders, food processors, toasters and one broken sous vide PID controller and came up with several ideas they will test in the next month:

1. Paleo Radar attached to Sous Vide PID controller that would monitor livestock in the vicinity (or human flesh for potential cannibals) and warn the urban hunters when they can catch something really fresh. We were also thinking of potential future DIY satellite missile system attached to this that can kill the cattle instantly it “smells” something close to our sous vide cooker. For now we may try to connect the PID with Kinetic, so it becomes like a carnivorous kitchen device with a special sense!

2. Buddhist Blenders and Emotional Food Processors that have an opinion on what they kill, either sending Twitter prayers online or refusing to blend onion or something smelly. We want to attach cameras and some Arduino hacks with diodes to make  this kitchen utensil more fun.

3. What we tested and it didn’t quite work out was an idea of a special kitchen home entertainment system: 2D EGG PRINTER connected to data-projector , basically we tried to make shapes in egg-white and then in yolk by warming it up with the dataprojector, like cooking with your data-projector. We had an idea of eating your pictures, tasting visualizations projected on an egg-white surface… Like a sous vide data-projector technique for eggs but also a way how to involve more of your gadgets in your food. Everything is a kitchen gadget!  We wanted to “print” in the egg white the IBM logo but then we tried our Hackerspace star. We used a DLP but it was not strong enough so next time we will experiment with something old fashioned that produces more heat or with laser video projector.  We would also try to create some food 3D printers.


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