Food Hacking 2011 Singapore

In Food Hacking on February 13, 2011 at 11:59 am

Inspired by the Sous Vide revolution in Singapore, a Secret Cooks Club was set up by several food enthusiasts with variety of interest starting with molecular gastronomy, social networking over food, food 2.0 services etc. The group is active on Facebook page that links to their website and they organize underground restaurants’ and food events around Singapore that experiment with various design ideas like dinner hopping, networking with strangers over food.  SCC supports community garden guerrilla  activities in Singapore, food foraging and various creative ideas around food. For April 2011 we plan the first dinner – dinner prepared for people with 23andme profiles that will be personalized based on their genome and it will serve as a type of nutrigenomics exercise/performance/experiment with  future food cultures.

Members have funny titles:

Florian – Chief Secret Chef
Denisa –  Secret Food Operations
Augustus – Division of Food Voyeurs,
Dan – Shadow – Minister for Grits and Biscuits
Chew Lin – Arbiter of chocolate & all things pleasurable to the palate



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