DIYbio presentation at the Science Museum

In DIYbio on December 13, 2010 at 11:07 am

November 16, 2010 a presentation at the Singapore Science Museum

DIY subcultures, novel forms of investment in innovation and research and even artistic creativity are converging and creating an informal “pop biotech” network between ASIA, USA and EU that is very different from the official flows of knowledge and expertise in the biotech industry. The global and emerging DIYbio movement is using open source laser cutters and other open hardware platforms for community labs, shares synthetic biology recipes, discusses DNA data and quantified selves and initiates self-organized clinical trials 2.0 and home molecular gastronomy experiments. Communities of people monitoring, sharing and making sense of various science protocols in their everyday life are exploring new and unexpected global networks around low-tech biotechnologies and biomedicine. What is the state of the art in citizen science projects, consumer genomics services and various DIYbio initiatives? What opportunities and challenges these services pose to the official biotech industry? How do they operate on the global level and what type of exchanges are we witnessing between continents and cultures? Does challenging research happen only in the professional labs or are we starting to witness an emergence of new models of community-based research that will involve the public? What perspectives do they offer to the developing world? A demonstration by Mr Wong Meng Weng ( on DIY molecular gastronomy on sous vide & sweeteners is included in this café’s programme.


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