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In DIYbio on July 20, 2010 at 7:45 am

New definition of DIYbio: people doing strange things in their kitchens and bathrooms?
“My home is my lab” movement?

We tasted paleolithic diet thanks to hacked rice cookers, confused some taste buds with miraculine, explored relations between necrophilia & microscopes with a help of dead Kongo flies, edited the fastest ever porn video “Sex, flies and videotape” and ended up with bio-terrorism.

Pics from the event:

5pm – 9 pm
DIY molecular gastronomy
with Meng Weng Wong ( sous vide & sweeteners
DIY bioporn with Denisa Kera (Comm & New Media, NUS), Yuchen Ang (Evolutionary Biology, NUS) and Isabel Löfgren (Lasalle College of Arts):
build your microscope and camera to shoot fly porn
DIY bio-data visualization with Catelijne Coopmans (Sociology, NUS)

Exhibition of Nexus One low quality photos – DIY culture in Boston (Denisa Kera)

9 pm – 10 pm
Interactive debate
with Brian Rappert (University of Exeter) expert in biosecurity & policy on DIYBIO enthusiasts, terrorists and hackers

10 pm party

From 2am (July 31) there will be a streaming of the Open Science Summit

The ultimate DIY sous vide guide of Meng:

Ghetto Sous Vide

Scallops Sous Vide with Browned Butter Aioli

Recipe: Roasted Sous Vide Lamb Shoulder

The magic device

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