DIYbiohacking in Singapore

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DIYbio: from biohacking to bioart

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from 5 PM

Would you like to play with your genome or create synthetic organisms that compete in biotech games? Would you like to use lab tools when cooking and transform your kitchen into biotech lab where alcohol is served as ice-cream and unexpected flavors like white chocolate and caviar can mix? Would you like to translate scientific protocols into art manifests and create sculptures from tissues, do performances with DNA, make installations from biotopes and use media displays made from bacteria? If your answer is yes, join us in Hackerspace to test your ideas and visions. We will turn the local Hackerspace into Biohackerspace for one day to explore the territory between public, private and lab spaces and discuss various forms of biohacking, biopunk, bioart and molecular gastronomy. How relevant are these citizen science and science enthusiast practices for innovation? What are some new design and art ideas related to biotechnologies? How can we involve critical design practices in bioethics discussions? How can these probes and experiments introduce new Science Technology Society questions? We will cook, play and hack in order to discuss this and in the evening will have the first ever DIYbio party in Singapore

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